Thursday, April 21, 2011

hellomellow - hello who?

      hellomellow.  Is this a new greeting?  A nickname for RUNKA?  The name of a new drink?  No!  hellomellow is a fantastic skin care line that RUNKA found at the San Francisco Green Festival.

hellomellow gift pack

      hellomellow products include body butters, scrubs, bath salts, lip butters, body oil, energy sprays and travel kits.  They are also the only avacado-mango based line of body care products available.  hellomellow chose these ingredients because they are known for their emollient properties, are a great source of essential fatty acids, contain natural antioxidants, are easily absorbed into the skin and are non greasy.  Can it get any better?

arouse body scrub

empower bath salts

     Yes, as far as RUNKA is concerned, and here's why:  Not only is the product excellent and the packaging looks great but hellomello uses only 100% recyclable plastic and FiberStone paper for their containers.  For those of you not familiar with FiberStone, there are no trees, waste products, water or bleach either used or produced in the processing of this paper.  FiberStone also uses only 50% of the energy required in comparison to the production of standard paper. 

kiddo diaper rash butter
preggo boobie butter

      In addition to their standard line hellomellow also has specialized lines for kids (kiddo), which includes dry skin eraser, diaper rash butter, baby oil, and sleepy time spray as well as for expectant moms (preggo) that includes lip butter, boobie butter, no itch and stretch mark butter, bath salts, body scrub and body oil!  

     We had a chance to visit briefly at the Festival with Tracy Feldstein, hellomellow founder, and Beth Mack, the National Sales Manager.  They are very committed to their skin care line and enthusiastic about the responses of their customers.  It really got our attention when Beth began to explain the benefits to breast cancer patients that were undergoing the difficult treatments involved with this potentially deadly disease.   Almost every one of us knows someone who has been affected by this disease - and the added complications of the side effects of treatment - so it was great to hear about a product that could bring such tremendous relief.

tracy (l) and beth (r) of hellomellow with dave from

unwind bath set

      Thanks hellomellow!  We love the line, what it comes in and - especially - the care and concern that you have put into your products.    


  1. I have used their Hand cream and it is awesome! I will try more of their products now that I have experienced the quality. Great stuff,great orice in too. Thanks

  2. For those of you that dont know what orice is... It is PRICE spelled with an 'O' sorry about that.