Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LUNCHSENSE Lunchboxes - It Makes Sense!


      Lunchsense lunchboxes are a fantastic, practical and renewable product that has been selling for several years.  We love the concept of a reusable lunchbox and containers - that come in great colors - for work, school and pleasure.  Our customers only have good things to say about Lunchsense and we have had numerous repeat purchases.  Here is the Lunchsense story, with some background on Nancy Myers, the founder and owner of the company, from the Lunchsense website:

Nancy Owen Myers, Lunchsense Founder

It all began with a quest for “the perfect lunchbox.”
Nancy Owen Myers, owner, founder and creator of Lunchsense, first hatched the idea of building a better lunchbox after a friend came down with a serious case of the lunch bag blues in 2006. Among other things, she complained about leaky lunch containers, smelly vinyl bags and a lack of alternatives to disposable bags and baggies.
Not one to sit by idly while a friend was in need, Myers did what any ex-bug-scientist-turned-accountant would do, she started a lunchbox company.
But first, Myers did an exhaustive search of the lunchboxes that were out there. After finding none that suited her needs and her friend’s needs, she started building prototypes, calling upon a lifetime of sewing skills. A half-dozen models later, Lunchsense came into being on paper in December of 2006. A month later, the company was born!
In creating and building her company, Myers drew upon her past experiences. Although entomology and accounting might not seem like the ideal career track for a lunchbox entrepreneur, there were some valuable lessons learned along the way.
“Accounting offered a great foundation in the language of business,” she explains.
And as a bug expert with a master’s degree in entomology, Myers worked for years to reduce reliance on pesticides in the field of integrated pest management. She says the process of designing and fine-tuning a lunchbox was not unlike dialing in the details of how to manage a piece of land and the creatures that inhabit the area.
“How do the natural sciences play into what I do, now?” Myers wonders. “It’s the same process of looking at whether something is living up to its expectations. If the results aren’t what I want or what I expect, then the process needs to change.”
While Myers’ professional career prepared her well for her current role, being a mother of three certainly didn’t hurt. Drawing on her family’s own experiences, she arrived at the perfect design for the perfect lunchbox. In 2007, she began testing the lunchboxes the best way she knew how – by sending her kids to school with them – and in 2008 she began selling lunchboxes online.
Today, thousands of Lunchsense lunchboxes are in use – not just by kids, but by business professionals, active people, travelers and others looking to make sense out of making lunch. And to think it all started with a simple desire to help a friend!

      Like we said - RUNKA loves 'em and so do our customers.  Check Lunchsense out on and let us know what you think.  If you already own a Lunchsesne lunchbox please leave a comment for everyone about your experience with them.   THANKS!

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