Thursday, April 14, 2011

LEAFWARE- Dinnerware from PALM LEAFS!

      RUNKA sees lots of dinnerware in his travels.  Some is made from sugarcane, some from recycled paper and all of it is great.  But LEAFWARE has taken dinnerware one step further.  They gather Palm leafs and make plates and bowls in all sizes from the leafs.  The products look fantastic and everyone who has bought them from us has given us very positive feedback.  Go to and take a look at our selection of this beautiful and functional environmentally friendly product.

     Here is some information from the LEAFWARE website:

Many ancient communities in South Asia & South- East Asia have been for centuries using leaves of specific trees and vines, sewn together with bits of stem and fashioned into ‘disposable’, 'versatile' plates and bowls. This natural crockery easily decomposes, creating neither pollution nor garbage nor solid waste disposal problems! Such use of leaves inspired Leafware to produce disposable, environment-friendly dinnerware and dining accessories designed for contemporary use. 

  The fallen leaves are carefully harvested, hygienically cleaned and pressed to various shapes to form plates, bowls and trays. Usage of fallen leaves eases the economic pressure to cut down trees and therefore preserving our planet’s true identity. Leafware products are sustainably produced and providing source of living for many families in small communities of South Asia.
If used at home or for parties and festivals such as Christmas, Thanks giving, etc., just use and put them in the backyard compost or dispose them off as one would do with any other disposable product.


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