Friday, March 11, 2011

The International Green Hall of Fame

     We are very proud to announce that is a finalist for induction into the International Green Industry Hall of Fame.  The ceremony will take place on Friday, March 25th, 2011 at UC Merced.   There are 18 finalists from a group of 35 original nominees and 6 of the finalists will be inducted into the Green Hall of Fame.

    The IGIHOF Ceremony and Conference are open to the public and registration is available at the Hall's website,  The full calendar of events will include a continental breakfast and lunch, tour of the UC Merced campus, Keynote speech by Rob Diridon on "Transportation & High-Speed Rail in California: An Insider's Perspective", VIP Reception and Dinner and many networking opportunities.

    We will update the blog on Monday, March 28th with news from the event.   RUNKA would also like to thank all of the volunteers, Sponsors and IGIHOF Board Members for their efforts in this inaugural Induction Ceremony.  The following is a statement from Sam Geil, Chairman of the Hall of Fame.

    Over the past century, our planet has experienced more pollution and human-inflicted damage than any time in history. Conversely, man has also recognized the need to begin the repair, healing, and conservation required to sustain our fragile eco-system. There is evidence worldwide that countries, cities, governments, and world organizations are beginning to have a positive impact on the eco-system through the efforts of individuals, corporations, and governments.

    It is the mission of the International Green Industry Hall of Fame to recognize those pioneers, leaders, and visionaries who have contributed to the Green movement. Additionally, we are committed to preserving the rich history of these great people and organizations by constructing a Green Hall of Fame to house the stories and share the old and the new technologies for future generations. After visiting our website, we hope that you will consider becoming a sponsor or a member. Thanks again for your interest and support… GO GREEN!

Sam Geil, Chairman of the Board
International Green Industry Hall of Fame


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