Wednesday, March 9, 2011

FAIR TRADE - Haitian Metal Art

    In Haiti, the traditional art of converting oil drums into wall sculptures is a true mark of both a man's imagination and his resourcefulness in the face of dire economic circumstances. Using 55-gallon oil drum castoffs, the artist first removes both ends of the drum then designs and hand carves different works of art using little more than hammer, chisel and great imagination.

    Runka works directly with Beyond Borders, a Fair Trade company that insures these artists respectable working conditions and fair compensation for their work. We are all aware of the earthquake in Haiti which has devistated the country. Your purchase of the artwork from local Haitian Artisans is a tremendous way of supporting the locals in their greatest time of need. 


 is committed to bringing Fair Trade products to the North American and world wide marketplace.  We believe people have a desire to help others and, given the opportunity, will use their purchasing power to do so.  We search for the finest Fair Trade products available and bring them to our website at a discount so that your shopping experience is simple, convenient, affordable and rewarding.


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