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XYLEM CLOTHING - Soy, Organic Cotton and Hemp Clothing

      Xylem clothing is a fantastic clothing line that we have been carrying at for quite a while.  Our customers love it because it looks and feels great, is completely eco friendly and it priced fairly.  We will let Xylem tell you their story about why and how they got involved in the "green" clothing industry.


 At Xylem Organic Clothing, founders and seamstresses Danielle Brodsky and Jazzi Januari combine their passion for designing comfortable organic apparel and stylish clothing with their passion for environmental sustainability.

As members of Co-op America, a not for profit organization that helps ensure the bounty of the Earth is preserved for all the generations to come, Xylem respects and practices their high standard for a truly green and eco friendly business.

The organic fabrics used by Xylem Clothing are always produced ethically and sweatshop free. They are meticulously selected for comfort, beauty, and sustainability from the finest providers of eco-friendly soy, organic cotton, hemp, and silk materials.

By working together with a local team of seamstresses, we are able to maintain a fine handmade quality of organic clothes. Each garment is hand colored in small batches, using custom mixed, low-impact dyes, and all waste is reduced and recycled responsibly.

Xylem Organic Clothing prides itself on creating eco-friendly fashion that is organic and elegant and universally accessible. Utilizing stretch comfort, our materials gracefully embrace, accentuate, and complement the unique and true form of a woman's body.


Organic Apparel MISSION


Organic Apparel

The beauty, elegance, style and comfort of Xylem organic apparel is sourced from the purity of Nature. We are dedicated to using the finest natural eco-friendly fibers to create earth and community conscious clothing for the dynamic modern woman who chooses to embody her beliefs.
WE BELIEVE IN:LIFE• Quality organic apparel enhance the quality of your life.
• Embodying your beliefs inspires you to aspire and achieve.

COMMUNICATION• Sharing our experiences with each other is essential
for a fulfilling life.
• By doing so, you create connection, relationship and community.

COMMUNITY• Change and transformation begins in your own community.
• Each choice you make impacts everyone and everything around you.

• It is our responsibility to choose organic clothing products that are renewable and sustainable.
• By doing so, we truly can re-make the world for all of us.

Organic Clothing Materials - Cotton, Hemp, Silk and Soy

Eco-Friendly Organic Clothes

Xylem's fabrics are meticulously selected from the finest providers of organic cotton, hemp, silk and soy materials. Each garment is hand colored in small batches, using custom mixed, low-impact dyes, and all waste is reduced and recycled responsibly. Our stretch fabrics embrace and enhance your body and offer infinite fashion combinations, allowing you to express your unique self in a different way every day.
That's why Xylem features unique fashionable clothing designs made from Soy "Kashmere", Organic Cotton, Hemp, silk and Tencel which creates clothing that is both rich in style and environmentally sensitive.

Soy "Kashmere" Clothing

Soy Kashmere" is the world's first cloth made from soybeans. This exceptional eco-friendly fiber is made from the renewable natural resource of unused protein remaining from the production of soybean oil, tofu and soymilk. Soy fabric is being referred to as vegetable "Kashmere" because of its incredible luster, loft, drape, and durability. All byproducts of soybean fiber production are of a harmless nature and are completely recyclable. The soy is non-gmo and is blended with organic cotton and spandex.

Organic Cotton Clothing

Cotton is the most used fabric of the conventional clothing industry. It is cool, comfortable, and breathable. We use the organic version of this well-known textile, which is grown without the use of toxic pesticides or fertilizers, and supports healthy agricultural practices.

Hemp Clothing

Hemp has a sensuous drape and hang, similar to that of linen. It is also extremely durable, yet insulating making it desirable for both blistering-hot summer and bitter-cold winter wear. We use 100% pure hemp, as well as tencel, wool, and silk blends.

Tencel Clothing

Tencel is the trade name for a human-made, natural fabric called "Lyocell" that is cool and breathable, like rayon, with a gorgeous, flowing drape. Tencel is made from the cellulose of farm-raised trees, grown on land that has been deemed unsuitable for food growth or animal grazing.

Take a look at ( to see the sull line of Xylem Clothing.


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  2. Organic cotton for example comes from plants that have not been genetically modified or grown in soil which has been treated with pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Sustainable fashion

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