Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DYNA FLEX FITNESS PRODUCTS - Earth and Body Friendly!

      At RUNKA.com we search for anything that is eco friendly, ergonomically sound, healthy, good for our planet and for people.  One of the best products we have come across that fits this criteria is Dyna-Flex fitness products.  They look and work great and are not physically taxing while still working out targeted areas of our bodies.  Dyna-Flex is used by NASA, the military, Chiropractors,  Doctors and Fitness Trainers!   Here is some of their information from the Dyna-Flex website: 

10 Reasons why you should GYRO!

1. They give you FAST, FUN & EFFECTIVE workout in just a day.
2. They give you GREATER RANGE OF MOTION, grip strength, flexibility, quickness, balance & endurance!

3. They are FUN! Just take a Dynaflex Gyro for a spin and see for yourself!
4. They allow you to workout at your OWN PACE! Speed it up, slow it down, it's up to you!
5. They provide an IMPACT-FREE, yet powerful dynamic resistance workout.
6. They FIT ANYWHERE! Keep one in your desk, laptop case, your purse, glove compartment, etc.
7. They can be USED ANYWHERE, such as watching TV, on your CELL, on a walk, even while surfing the net.

8. They give you MORE ENERGY! Skip the coffee and spin your PowerBall!
9. They are so FAST, FUN & EASY they're almost addictive.
10. They will JUMPSTART your fitness program! Just 5 minutes a day is all it takes!
PLUS! Hundreds of chiropractors can’t be wrong!

      Hundreds of chiropractors and physical therapists across the country have chosen Dynaflex gyros for the gentle rehabilitation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Arthritis, Tendonitis, Golfers and Tennis Elbow. Its silky smooth, non-impact workout makes it the perfect strengthening, conditioning, relaxation and recovery tool.

Get A Grip on sports!
You name the sport -- golf, bowling, baseball, dirtbike riding, tennis, raquettball, even computer gaming -- and the Dynaflex lineup of fitness gyros will help you get more "game" out of your game. Thats because our gyros deliver up to 200 pounds (depending on the model) of impact-free, silky smooth dynamic resistance to strengthen your grip, tone your arms and wrists, build muscle, increase flexability, quickness, range of motion, endurance, and even help prevent and rehabilitate certain conditions, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Get A Grip on Motorcycling!
Weekend dirt bike enthusiasts, BMX riders and professional motocross riders all share one thing in common -- a fatiguing phenomenon known as "arm pump." If youve ever felt like your arms were going to fall off after a long day of riding, weve got great news! DynaGrip is a hand-held gyroscopic exercise device that will strengthen your wrist and forearms, and help keep arm pump at arms length.

Get A Grip on Music!Do you tinkle the ivory, pluck a guitar, or dazzle people with your drum solos? Many musicians are using our lineup of fitness gyros to get the most from their instruments of choice. Who would have thought that a gyroscope and banjo could make beautiful music together? Play longer with greater dexterity and less fatigue by using a Dynaflex Fitness Gyro for just 5 minutes a day.

Get a Grip on Gaming!
The top gaming superstars in the world use DynaFlex Gyros to help take their gaming to the next level! Whether you are an up-and-coming superstar, or just enjoy competing against your friends on the weekends, the Dynaflex lineup of gyros are the hot ticket to becoming top gun on your block. By simply using one of our fitness gyros a few minutes a day before firing up your computer, you will be able to play longer with less hand and arm fatigue. Your game will also benefit from greater range of motion, flexibility and more hand speed as you lay waste to the neighborhood.

Get a Grip on those cubical blues!Stuck in a cubical behind a computer for eight hours a day? Are you bored, sleepy and you feel like youre fingers are turning to stone? Here is a tip that will work wonders for your work day. Take a few minutes to spin your Dynaflex Gyro. Its true. Youll feel the gyros energy from your fingers and into your shoulder.

Get a Grip on being a senior!Maintaining flexibility and good range of motion is important at any age, but especially as we grow older. The Dynaflex lineup of fitness Gyros is ideal for seniors interested in maximizing range of motion, improving muscle tone and staying active.
      As you can see Dyna-Flex work out items look good and work great.  Check out the Dyna Flex line on www.RUNKA.com.


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