Monday, September 19, 2011


Who doesn't love their bike?  They bring back child hood memories, help us to stay in shape, get us outside and are a great, eco friendly method of transportation.  But if they are wrecked or worn out what can you do with the old parts to make them useful?  One great approach comes from's friends at Resource Recovery:

Resource Revival

Resource Revival Recycles Bicycle Parts into Art
We create fun, functional products from recycled bicycle parts. Every year, bike shops all over the United States send us tons of tons of greasy used bicycle parts. Then our team of artists tinkers with them until new products are born. We call this Rebicycling!
Passionate About Rebicycling Since 1991
Resource Revival
The idea for Resource Revival came to Graham Bergh in 1991 when he got a flat tire biking to his recycling job in Portland, Oregon. Today Graham is still actively involved in new product development and customer service, as is Jim Hassert, artist and philosopher, who joined Resource Revival in 2002. All of our products are unique and original designs, and they are all made in Oregon, not mass produced.
Here are a few of the great ideas and products that Resource Revival has come up with:


Hybrid Wall Clock

Made from a recycled bicycle sprocket and recycled computer hard drive.


Bike Chain Bowl

Our gorgeous bowls are made from the most unlikely medium, recycled bike chain. With a great weight and classic shape they are perfect on an entry table for your keys etc. at the end of the day.


Double Sprocket Mirror

  This beautiful mirror is made from a pre-consumer recycled bicycle chainring pair and adds a flair of eco-coolness to any room.


Bicycle Chain Frame 5x7

  Made from recycled bicycle chain with an easel back/stand.


Bottle Opener - Orange

  Flexible recycled bike chain handle and colorful anodized aluminum head.

Resource Revival has solved the problem of what to do with old bike parts when they are unusable for their original purpose.  They have given them a new life as funtional and beautiful products - recycling at it's best.  Look for all of Resource Revival's items on

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